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Helping People To Shape Their Purpose Driven Life


What if I told you there was a way to figure out what you were put on this earth to do? A way to find peace and fulfillment in your life's work?

I'm here to tell you that it is possible. My name is Isak Vidinghoff, and I’m a life coach and founder of Wellsquire; a company dedicated towards helping people to shape their purpose driven life. If you're feeling lost or stuck, let us help you find your way.

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Life Is Better On Purpose


Life Of Purpose Vs. Life Of Mediocrity

There’s a huge difference in how you experience life when you’re truly on your path versus when you’re going through the motions. We lie to ourselves in so many ways to justify our suffering and make excuses as to why we aren’t moving toward the things that matter.

For some of us, it’s fear, for others it’s a fixed mindset. Whatever it is, if you’re truly ready, we’ll unblock it together.

Following Your Dreams

What would it be like if you woke up every day excited about what’s next? What if there was nothing in the way of bringing more meaningfulness, purpose, fulfilment, creativity, joy and creative output in your work and life? You’ve probably tried lots of things; studied books, attended expensive seminars and enrolled in online courses. However, you still don’t seem to get the traction you wish for in life.


Crafting Your Unique Message

After working with us, you’ll be equipped with what it takes to unleash your brilliance, craft your unique message and live a purposeful life. People all around the world are struggling with following their message, pursuing their calling, and realizing their potential.

Oftentimes they give up too quickly but we’re here to help you develop the tools you need to share your greatest gift with the world!

Passion And Purpose Through Creative Work

Imagine what your life would be like if you were able to spend it engaged in creative work allowing you to connect with the things that actually makes you experience fulfilment on a deep, spiritual level.

I’m talking about following your bliss, being intrinsically and positively motivated, doing what you’re most passionate about, and reaping the benefits of being able to share your greatest gift with the world.

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From Stuck To Purpose: My Journey


How It Began

I’m twenty years old with almost no direction in life, struggling with low self-esteem, lethargy and lack of focus. I’m going through the motions as my days passes on my 9 to 5.

The magic of life that I used to feel when I was younger is gone and has been replaced with a dull sense of predictability. Is life supposed to be this grey?

Time For A Change

One day it just hits me; Unless I make a radical change, the trajectory of my life is leading me towards nothing but mediocrity, unfulfillment, and regrets.

So I started searching for answers in the self-help domain which quickly turned into an obsession. For more than a decade, I studied hundreds of self-help books, took online courses, and engaged in various forms of therapy. I even sought out answers through psychedelics and meditation retreats.

This however led to a whole new array of questions.

Asking The Right Questions In Search For Answers

🔵 How can I impact the world in a way that’s most meaningful to me?

🔵 How can I live up to my full potential?

🔵 What are my unique talents?

🔵 What is my purpose?

🔵 How do I turn my passion into a career?

🔵 How can I transcend my fears, obstacles and limiting beliefs?


In Search Of A Meaningful Existence

Searching for answers, a period of deep introspection and reflection began, and I started to challenge everything that I had previously taken for granted. The foundation which I had built my illusory worldview upon began to crumble. But not without insights…

The Lightbulb Moments That Spurred Me To Take Action In Life

🔵 Death is inevitable. And life is too short not to pursue your dreams

🔵 Every failure is a stepping-stone towards success

🔵 Intrinsic motivation is a necessity for living an extraordinary life

🔵 Everyone needs a strategy for life

🔵 No one else shares the exact same talent that you do

It was time for me to quit my 9 to 5, start my own business and face my fears head-on.
It was time for me to quit my 9 to 5, start my own business and face my fears head-on.

Learn more about the life purpose principles I apply in my own life

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What Makes Isak Different From The Rest


Holistic Approach To Problem-Solving

Isak is a conceptual thinker, able to see the big picture and help you strategically align your life in a meaningful way.

He has an uncanny ability to turn this high-level strategic plan into something very tangible and actionable.

A Mission To Empower Individuals

Isak is passionate about helping his clients create truly amazing lives. With a mission to empower, equip and promote individuals, he utilizes his past experiences to help you develop a powerful roadmap for living an extraordinary life. His Life Coaching Services are aimed towards helping you create your Strategic Plan for Life.

Productivity Specialist

For more than a decade, Isak has been passionate about productivity. Since 2019, he’s a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing professionals). He’s studied dozens of books and attended some of the most expensive online courses about personal productivity. In 2020, he wrote his bachelor-thesis called How to Organize Your Cognitive Resources; A methodology for dealing with the challenges of information overload to thrive in the 21st century.

Big Picture Systems Thinker

Systems thinking is a way of looking at the world that sees systems and patterns instead of isolated parts. It allows us to see the big picture; the connections between different areas of our lives and the world around us which enables us to effectively find creative solutions.

Isak is a certified systems developer with a bachelor’s degree in systems science. He used to run his own IT-company and has studied complex topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Now he’s applying a deep understanding of systems to the domain of coaching.

Certified Coach

In 2016, Isak received his Health Coach Certificate.

2021, he enrolled in one of the industry-leading Life Coach Certification Programs. He’s currently in the process of acquiring his ICF Accredited Certifications. These include Life Coach, Master Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach.

NLP Practitioner

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a set of techniques and theories used to change patterns of behavior and communication. It is based on the idea that language and behavior are interconnected, and that by changing our use of language, we can change our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. NLP has been used to help people overcome phobias, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic pain, and addictions.

Isak is a Certified NLP Practitioner, currently studying to become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Understanding of this tool allows him to help his clients overcome their limiting beliefs and behaviours, and to develop new, more positive ways of thinking and acting.

Living The Good Life


Satisfaction Is Determined By Trajectory

Your current level of satisfaction is not actually determined by your position, but rather by your trajectory.

This is huge because what it means is that you don’t have to wait years until reaping the benefits of living a purposeful life. You can align your life with the psychological principles that allows you to feel good right now.

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The Problem With Outward Measurements Of Success

Even if you don’t earn 6-figures, own a fancy house and have total financial freedom you can still live an incredibly satisfying life. You don’t need outward measurements of success to pursue your greatest passions in alignment with your natural strengths, core values and signature strengths. You don’t need it to love your work!

The Power Of Intrinsic Motivation

When you start living a life with purpose you will start to notice the deep sense of fulfilment that comes from contributing in the most meaningful way. When you’re able to transition from being motivated by external rewards to being naturally inclined to pursue the things that matter to you, you will experience the immense satisfaction that comes from being intrinsically motivated in life.

A Strategic Process For Your Life


Creating Big Picture Strategies

Wellsqurie is focused on creating high-level strategies for life.

Through strategic thinking, we guide you towards finding meaning. We help you create the life you’ve been destined to live; in happiness, health, wealth, and peace of mind.

From Passive to Active: Making the Shift in Your Life

Through our contemporary, powerful, and success-oriented content creating style, we aspire to facilitate you in making the shift from passive to active in the creation of your own life.

You Have the Power to Create an Amazing Life

We work closely with our clients to create a dynamic relationship that supports a powerful journey and outcome. We believe that time is precious and that by living fully awake and curious, each individual is capable of creating a deeply fulfilling life, grounded in passion and purpose.

Helping You Reach Your Full Potential

Wellsquire embraces significant conversations, breaks boundaries, and looks for connection and resonance in everyone and well...everywhere. We consciously use a flexible, open, and people-oriented approach. Today, tomorrow, and beyond! We invite YOU to experience what he feels is truly beneficial—to your spirit, time, and wallet. We help you to imagine and reach your full potential.

Sometimes the only person slowing your progress is you. Stop overthinking and GO for It. You REALLY don’t know what you can do until you step out on faith and go after something that scares you.
Sometimes the only person slowing your progress is you. Stop overthinking and GO for It. You REALLY don’t know what you can do until you step out on faith and go after something that scares you.

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