Valve - Handbook For New Employees

Valve - Handbook For New Employees


Book Summary

Valve - Handbook for New Employees


14 March, 2023

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Key Takeaways

🔵 Great ideas can come from anyone, so employees have autonomy over their projects at Valve.

🔵 The culture at Valve emphasizes accountability and self-motivation among its employees.

🔵 There are no set schedules, deadlines, or micromanagement involved—each employee manages their time to ensure that they meet project goals promptly.

🔵 In the Valve handbook for new employers, planning, and organization are essential for success.

🔵 Clear communication between team members puts everyone on the same page and working together towards a goal.

🔵 Employees learning from their mistakes helps to build resilience and encourages innovation.

Big Ideas

Understand the company’s culture

A company’s culture is the set of values, beliefs, and practices that guide decision-making and behavior. Therefore, a new employee who wishes to thrive within the organization needs every means to align with the organization’s mission.

For instance, the major values guiding Valve’s operations are collaboration, customer orientation, entrepreneurship, high-quality work-life balance, humor, and playfulness in the workplace. Those who understand these operational principles can gauge whether they’re a fit even before applying for a job.

Many benefits can come from understanding the company’s culture—from helping new employees navigate their day-to-day work activities to fitting into the corporate ecosystem. Also, employees can better understand how to contribute to helping the organization achieve its mission as well as fulfill their roles well.

Collaborate with your colleagues

New employees find it daunting to take on tasks alone. They also struggle with navigating through the organization without guidance. For this reason, the Valve handbook for new employees encourages building strong relationships and reaching out to the other teams within the company for help when needed.

Groups and teams thrive from sharing ideas and perspectives. Even collaborating with different departments fosters a deeper understanding of how each area operates and offers more comprehensive problem-solving approaches.

Another important thing would be to have a comfortable environment where everyone can share their opinions without fear of criticism. The result will be a more positive workplace where everyone feels valued.

Adopt Result driven approaches

As a new employee, adopting a result-driven approach will help you achieve your life’s purpose. One way to do this is by setting clear goals and tracking your progress toward achieving them.

Also, learning from your mistake is another aspect of the valve handbook for new employees. New employees are bound to make mistakes while adjusting to their new roles and work environment. Instead of feeling discouraged, use those mistakes as an opportunity for growth and development. Think of what could have gone wrong and analyze them. Try to come up with workable solutions that will prevent similar recurrence in the future.

In all you do, be proactive and ask for feedback from your colleagues and superiors alike. You will find areas that need improvement while acknowledging your strengths.

Develop communication channels between departments

Every organizational department should have effective communication channels in place. Apart from promoting collaboration and teamwork within a company, it’s a perfect way for new employees to understand the departments’ interconnectedness and their common goals.

By communicating with other teams, you understand how your role fits into the bigger picture. You will learn how best to support others in achieving their objectives. Everyone can then share updates, ask questions, and collaborate on projects that require cross-functional input.

Thankfully, chat applications and video conferencing tools now make it easier to connect across different locations and time zones. Hence, no excuses. What matters is workers can establish meaningful relationships throughout their careers, and contribute positively to fulfilling the company’s goal and their life’s goals.

Maintain healthy relationships with external partners

Valve’s handbook for new employees talks about establishing positive communication channels with external partners from the beginning. Therefore, new employees should represent their company well and forge strong bonds with all stakeholders in achieving their shared goals.

As an employee of any organization, always strive to uphold your company’s values and objectives. Develop conflict resolution skills to ensure that you maintain healthy relationships regardless of how minor or significant your role may be.

Even outside workplaces, healthy relationships rule. It transcends business gains. So, whether in your personal or professional endeavors, you can align with your life’s purpose by building meaningful connections and fostering long-term partnerships that are beneficial to all.

How the Valve - Handbook for new employees changed me

Before reading Valve’s handbook, I endured work instead of enjoying it. Now, my thoughts are shifting.

I now have restored hope that I can enjoy my job while working hard and achieving results. It made me realize the importance of collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation. Instead of keeping everything inside my head, I learned to share ideas with others and see different perspectives, which lead to better results overall.

Who is Valve - Handbook for new employees for?

Though this book is for new employees at Valve, a game development and digital distribution company, it helps every new employee across all boards get up to speed quickly.

If you want insight into company cultures and values, as well as practical advice on how to be successful in your role, this handbook for new employees provides detailed explanations of the processes, expectations, and roles of different employees. You can learn career-related advice and knowledge, and anecdotes from current employees of Valve about their experiences working there.

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