Work with Isak

Work With Isak

Digital Solutions Architect and Transformational Coach


Hello there! I'm Isak, a certified Systems Developer, Health Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach.

With a passion for personal and business growth, I bring a powerful blend of technical expertise and transformational coaching to help individuals and organizations thrive in the digital age.





Systems Developer

My journey to becoming a certified Systems Developer spans seven universities, encompassing a comprehensive curriculum. My coursework includes a diverse range of subjects, from foundational programming and logical thinking to advanced studies in data communication, artificial intelligence, and web design. This diverse education equips me with a versatile skill set for tackling complex system development projects.



Certified Health Coach

As a Certified Health Coach, I bring a unique skill set that combines leadership expertise with a deep understanding of health and wellness. My training encompasses leadership theories, self-leadership, and corporate wellness. I am well-versed in health economics, health promotion work, and coaching approaches, making me a valuable asset for individuals and organizations seeking to prioritize well-being.



Certified Life Coach

As a ICF-Accredited, certified Life Coach, I've achieved comprehensive communication mastery. My training includes strategic vision building, confident coaching mindset development, and a deep understanding of the structure of coaching sessions. Proficiency in NLP communication models ensures I can recognize crucial information, ask targeted questions, and decipher hidden assumptions. I bring a unique blend of effective communication, coaching models, and strategic thinking to guide clients toward positive outcomes in various facets of their lives.



Life Purpose Coach

Through the Certified Life Purpose Coach training, I've become an expert in unraveling the complexities of roles and conditioning that shape an individual's sense of self. My skill-set extends to integrating this deep self-discovery into clients' thinking and behavior using NLP tools. This unique combination of exploring influences and seamlessly embedding life purpose sets me apart in guiding individuals towards a purpose-driven and fulfilling life.


Why Work With Me?

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses need to leverage technology effectively to stay competitive. I have a deep understanding of how online ventures work and can effectively communicate with developers, business owners, clients, and employees alike. I am a results-driven leader and highly strategic thinker, capable of crafting personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Partnering with mid-sized companies who have an exceptional product or service but lack the expertise to materialize their online business goals is where I truly shine. I can help you finalize a highly strategic plan, implement the digital infrastructure you need, and motivate and educate your employees to ensure a seamless transition into the digital realm.



Who I am

I possess a deep understanding of how complex systems work and how to integrate digital solutions with human resources to create impactful results. My comprehensive knowledge spans various domains, including web development, marketing automation, strategic planning, and leadership development.



How I Can Help You

Are you ready to unleash your full potential and achieve breakthrough results? I have a proven track record of designing and implementing robust systems that empower individuals and organizations to overcome challenges and reach new heights. With my expertise, I can help you navigate complexities, identify growth opportunities, and develop a roadmap for success.



Unique Skill Set

My technical abilities, combined with my coaching and NLP knowledge, enable me to motivate and inspire individuals towards powerful change. I excel at setting tangible goals and creating the systems to achieve them, leveraging technology effectively while keeping human connections at the forefront.



Experience and Accomplishments

In my journey as a systems developer, I have built a wide range of web applications from scratch, encompassing databases, backend logic, and frontend design. One notable achievement was creating a complex web application for a company with 30+ employees. From ideation to deployment, I handled all aspects, including user education, systems installation, and creating instructional videos. This empowered the organization with a streamlined workflow, enhanced internal communication, and improved business operations.

Additionally, my coaching experience spans diverse areas such as personal training, productivity, goal setting, and life purpose coaching. By combining my expertise in systems development with transformational coaching, I help individuals align their digital strategies with their personal and professional goals.



Continuous Learning

As a lifelong learner, I stay up to date with the latest industry trends through extensive research and a deep passion for knowledge acquisition. Having delved into over 400 books on relevant subjects, I am well-equipped to guide you through the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you're ready to unlock your true potential and thrive in the digital world, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, we will create powerful solutions, overcome obstacles, and achieve remarkable results. Let's embark on this exciting adventure and reshape your digital success story.


Case Studies

Case Studies