The Science Of Success

The Science Of Success


Book Summary

The Science Of Success

Wallace Wattles

12 Jan, 2024


“There is an abundance of opportunity for the man who will go with the tide instead of trying to swim against it.” - Wallace Wattles

Key Takeaways

🔵 Each person holds power within them to create any life they desire.

🔵 Gain knowledge about what you want, set goals, and consistently take action toward them

🔵 Have faith in your ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

🔵 Control your thoughts and emotions, and learn to direct them towards creating positive outcomes.

🔵 Self-education is a critical factor in achieving greatness.

Big Ideas

Have Faith and Gratitude

Two of the most powerful tools for achieving success in life are faith and gratitude. Having faith leads to taking action with enthusiasm and trusting in the process. Being grateful for what you have attracts greater access to abundance.

You can use these two principles together to unlock a higher level of consciousness – one that connects to both the spiritual and material worlds—staying optimistic, being patient, and striving for excellence even when things seem impossible. This mindset can help shift one’s attitude from lack or deprivation to abundance and overflow.

Be Creative, Not Competitive

In today's highly competitive world, it is easy to get caught up in the idea of being the best to achieve success. However, instead of focusing on competition and trying to be the best of all others, creativity should be used as an effective way to reach success. Creativity helps open up new opportunities and encourages people to think outside the box. It’s better than competing with each other just for performance outcome goals.

You can start by cultivating an attitude of gratitude to setting achievable goals. These processes can help one find more effective solutions, unlock potential, and reach greater levels of achievement. Additionally, it helps reduce stress levels and create a more fulfilling life overall.

Act Efficiently

Efficient action is the key to living a successful life. It's all about taking accountability for your feelings and thoughts, as well as learning what it takes for consistent action towards achieving those goals. Anyone can achieve that by following specific principles and taking consistent, well-executed action. But to do that, each effort must be planned carefully and executed precisely to achieve results quickly and efficiently.

It’s imperative to have a clear goal in mind before beginning any project or task. After all, success is achievable through deliberate action and understanding the laws of nature and how they connect to one’s efforts. Finally, aligning yourselves with these laws leads to success in whatever goals you set for yourselves.

Think In a Certain Way

The power of thinking impacts one's success in life directly. And those who understand their thought processes and cultivate an unbreakable mindset can propel them forward in their chosen endeavor. It goes a long way to show that by using a powerful template to think differently, you can unlock the secrets to your success. However, it's visualizing your wants and taking action that leads to actual results.

Whether big or small, try cultivating new ways of thinking. Also, learn invaluable methods for staying focused on your desired outcomes. Doing this will transform your mindset from one which focuses on lack and scarcity into one based on abundance and positivity. Manifest your destiny through your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and believe in yourself. Finally, take control of your life by developing an attitude of growth, embracing challenges, and having faith that good things will come out in the end.

You Have The Right To Be Rich

Everyone reserves the right to become rich through their creative thought and action. However, they must have a positive outlook and a proactive approach to success. They must be able to create wealth through their efforts and learn to use that wealth wisely. Remember that it may only come through disciplined effort and hard work, not luck or inheritance.

By applying the correct principles, individuals can tap into their inner potential for generating abundance and financial freedom. Even one's thoughts have immense power when it comes to creating their reality. So, establishing a solid intention before taking action is necessary. Especially when the right to be rich is something that many aspire to, but few understand how to achieve it. Finally, the practical steps one must take to become wealthy and successful include developing an attitude of gratitude and taking action on your plans.

How The Science Of Success Changed me

Through this powerful resource, I could identify my strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals.

My experience with The Science of Success was life-changing, as it enabled me to take ownership of my future rather than feel like I was at the mercy of external forces outside my control. It helped me recognize the importance of setting intentions for what I wanted out of life, as well as taking practical steps toward achieving those goals.

Who is the Science of Success For?

This book is ideal for those looking for practical tips on becoming successful in business or their personal life. It provides valuable advice on how to craft effective goal-setting strategies and create a plan that works best for each reader.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to boost your business or someone simply wanting to live a more fulfilling life, this book will have something valuable for you.

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Wallace Wattles was an iconic American New Thought Writer known for his classic book, The Science of Getting Rich. His books have inspired countless entrepreneurs and business professionals to pursue their dreams and achieve financial success.


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