The Roles of a Life Purpose and Career Coach in Your Career

The Roles of a Life Purpose and Career Coach in Your Career


The Roles of a Life Purpose and Career Coach in Your Career

Written by: Isak Vidinghoff

Date Published: March 5, 2023

At some point in your career, have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, wondering if your current career path will ultimately lead you toward your bigger life goals? In a world where career options are plentiful but confusing, a life purpose and career coach acts like a runner's pedometer, guiding you through uncertain professional milestones and into your ultimate goal post closest to your life purpose and passion.

This article will share how a life purpose and career coach is not just a coach but a catalyst in aligning your career with your life's calling.

Imagine if you had someone look at your resume and not only see what is on paper but see into you. Having someone know your passions, skills, and underlying motivations. Would it be helpful to have someone push you beyond only traditional career advice and dig into your personal fulfillment, purpose-driven work, and holistic career planning? If you’ve ever felt like there are too many career options and you’re feeling lost and confused, exhausted from the pressure to excel, stuck in a job that you think you should enjoy but don’t, then this post is for you. Let us inspire you to take your career into your own hands with help from an unbiased guide who understands the intricacies of aligning your life purpose with your career vision.


Join us on this enlightening journey, and at the end, you may be ready to book your discovery call. You should dive straight into a transformational course or stay tuned to our social media for even more insights. It's the beginning of a new journey and a new career that aligns with your life's purpose.

Understanding the Role of a Life Purpose and Career Coach

So what is a Life Purpose and Career Coach you may ask? The easiest way to demystify my work is to use the analogy of a very good chef who knows how to cook but also understands the science of why certain flavors work together and can create something new and unknown. This Life Purpose and Career Coach is not just any career practitioner; they are the Michelin-star chef of career advice, taking your personal passion and professional desires to develop a career recipe that is right for you.


Traditional career coaches help you build your resume and look at job market trends. A Life Purpose and Career Coach digs deeper. It would be like comparing an archeologist who carefully digs. They help you uncover those hidden talents, passions, and values. They believe that your career is not just supposed to pay the bills. It is also supposed to fulfill your soul's calling! Essentially, it's finding that sweet spot where your "Monday blues" are as extinct as the Dodo!

How a Life Purpose and Career Coach Can Transform Your Career

When you think about your career, imagine you are a ship in an endless ocean of opportunity. Without a compass, you may become aimless and float around, heading nowhere, or end up in the doldrums, unhappy and unfulfilled by your choices. This is where Life Purpose and Career Coach come in. Much like a GPS, they can help you navigate the career sea and ensure you stay on track and don't get caught in the wrong currents while keeping in line with the true north of your life's purpose.


If you sometimes feel like an imposter in your job or are often overwhelmed by the fear of inadequacy, a Life Purpose And Career Coach can be your work Yoda – full of wisdom that can build your confidence when the stormtroopers of self-doubt are bearing down on you. They will also know that you are more capable than you think – this is how they work! It's almost like finding out you're a wizard without needing the fancy wand.

Navigating Career Transitions with a Coach

Change can be as overwhelming as solving the Rubik's cube blindfolded. That's why it's essential that you have your Life Purpose And Career Coach to break it down and hand you the tools you need to solve the puzzle, whether you're in pursuit of a big career shift or starting your entrepreneurial adventure.

They understand that change is not the leap; rather, it's the preparation for the leap. Whether it's overcoming the fear of letting go of a secure job or the anxiety of creating something new, your coach is like your personal cheerleader. They remind you that every great journey begins with one step - or one really good leap!


Many individuals look to a Life Purpose And Career Coach for guidance in living their life to its highest purpose. A Life Purpose And Career Coach has the ability to tune into your life dreams and aspirations and draw out from you the essence of your life purpose. Many financial athletes are so high in energy and purpose that they can bring you to tears because of their abundant energy and their undeniable belief in you as a human being. Presidents of companies turn to career and life coaches for sounding boards and knowing the bottom line on important decisions. Because the lives of executives are constantly shifting, many Presidents have turned to a life and career coach for direction. To stay at a level 10 out of 10 in all areas of their lives, they need someone who has been where they want to go. A career and life purpose coach has the experience to understand the stages of creating and enhancing your life and will have the caring spirit to communicate in a way that makes sense to you.

The Benefits of a Life Purpose and Career Coach in Achieving Career Success

Hitting targets is impossible when you can barely see what you're aiming for. But it's doable when someone helps you remove your blindfold. They can also teach you to hit targets precisely in ways you've never imagined. A life purpose and career coach is like a personal trainer for your career – challenging you to the max but completely on your side.

Bringing in a coach is a fab strategy if you find yourself plagued with imposter syndrome because they serve as your mirror. They help you to build that stable foundation of self-belief so that you finally see yourself as the superhero you are. No cape or pants on the outside is needed!


Practical Steps to Work with a Life Purpose and Career Coach

Okay, how do you find this mystical Career Wizard? Well, it’s a lot like trying on the right pair of shoes; it has to feel right and fit properly when working with a coach. You need to find someone who resonates with your personality and understands your unique career journey. And then again, you may like the shoes, but if the quality and overall make and feel of the shoe isn’t as great, then you won’t feel good in it either. It’s really up to you, but you need to like the shoes before you can even try them on and wear them with some jeans or a dress or whatever.


And now, the most important part of having a Life Purpose And Career Coach is actually making the most of your coaching. It’s like brewing the perfect cup of coffee; you’ve got to have the right combination of all your beans of personality, coaching, commitment, and action. Be prepared to challenge yourself and old beliefs, and be open to seeing things in a different light. Your coach will help you, but you’ll need to be the one walking the road. You may be handed the map, but the treasure is still quite a journey away!

Your Partner in Personal and Professional Growth

A Life Purpose and Career Coach is not just your guide through the present; they're with you for the long term. They are responsible for ensuring the nurturing of your dreams and skillset, helping them grow and come to fruition over time, much like a gardener would do with a plant. They are there for all your victories and setbacks, making sure your career tree will grow strong and bounce back easily. Well, potentially take a look at the known mosaic of people who have been through this and succeeded where you are now. Every tile of that mosaic is a single person who had worked with a coach and changed their career and life as a whole. Remember, these people didn't have any superpowers but had the guts to make the first move with the backing of a Life Purpose And Career Coach.

Taking the Next Steps: Your Journey to Fulfillment

“But what’s the first step?” I hear you ask. Think of it as the beginning of an epic journey. The first part is to book a discovery call, like dipping your toes in the sea to make sure it’s not freezing – a no-obligation chat to see if this is the right thing for you. Think of engaging on social media as joining a campfire, where stories and experiences are shared.


A place to connect, to learn, to be inspired by others who are on the same career journey to career fulfillment as you. If you’re ready to really go deep in career thinking, think about exploring our courses as you join a school or wisdom designed just for your career growth. Every course is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to make your career fit your life as it is right now.


Before we close the book on this incredible journey, I want to remind you of all the amazing revelations awaiting you. We learned about the Life Purpose and Career Coach and how critical it is in getting you from “just a job” to a dedicated calling that stirs excitement within you by aligning your career with your deepest passions and values.


Hopping on a call could be your first step to help you get there. What about joining our social media tribe, enrolling in one of our signature courses, or just diving right into the work? Each and every step will bring you that much closer to a better life. Your career isn’t just your job, and at the end of the day, it’s not just about the paycheck; it’s about becoming the person you were always meant to be, both personally and professionally.


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“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization's valuable resources” - Harvard Business Review


Isak Vidinghoff is a Strategic Life Coach and Content Creator. He communicates personal development strategies to help people find purpose and meaning to live their fullest potential in life.


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