The ONE Thing

The ONE Thing


Book Summary

[Book Title]


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“Initial quote that best summarizes the biggest idea from the book” - Author Name

Key Takeaways

🔵 Key Takeaway #1

🔵 Key Takeaway #2

🔵 Key Takeaway #3

Big Ideas

Summarize each big idea in 1-2 paragraphs. This section should be written with the intention to communicate how each big idea relates to pursuing one’s life purpose

[Insert Big Idea #1]

[Insert Big Idea #2]

[Insert Big Idea #3]

How [Insert Book Title] relates to Life Purpose

Summarize in 1-2 sentences how this book specifically relates to life purpose

How [Insert Book Title] changed me

Summarize in 1-2 sentences how this book changed my life in a positive way.

Who is [Insert Book Title] for?

Summarize in 1-2 sentences who this book is for

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About [Insert Author Name]

Introduce the author in 1-2 sentences


Isak Vidinghoff is a Strategic Life Coach and Content Creator. He communicates personal development strategies to help people find purpose and meaning to live their fullest potential in life.

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